CA Attorney General: Don’t Judge Immigration Policy by ‘One Man’s Conduct’

Kamala Harris (Justin Sullivan / Getty)
Justin Sullivan / Getty

California Attorney General Kamala Harris is weighing in on the shooting death of 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle by five-time deportee and seven-time convicted felon Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez last week.

Harris, a former San Francisco district attorney and 2016 candidate for U.S. Senate, said: “Our policy should not be informed by our collective outrage about one man’s conduct,” the Associated Press reported.

Harris has been a vocal support of the “Trust Act,” a state law passed in 2013 that expanded the authority of local officials to ignore federal immigration authorities, as Breitbart News previously reported. She has continued her support for the Act since the Steinle killing.

Lopez-Sanchez is by no means the first illegal alien released by local authorities who went on to commit a crime or cause the death of an American in the United States. Just days after Steinle’s death news broke of a six-time deportee now charged in the July 4 felony hit-and-run that involved a mother and her two children.

Confessed San Francisco killer Lopez-Sanchez disclosed in a jailhouse interview that he chose San Francisco for its sanctuary city policies, which aid illegally present foreign nationals in evading immigration authorities.

Mayor Ed Lee issued a statement defending his sanctuary city policies–policies that Lee says were never meant to protect repeat, serious and violent felons.

Critics, including GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, argue that Steinle would likely be alive today had Lopez-Sanchez been effectively removed from the U.S.–not freed on the street due to sanctuary city policies.

Last November, family and friends of Americans killed by illegal aliens gathered in Temecula, California. Breitbart News covered the event, which gave faces to the lives that had been taken at the hands of illegally present foreign nationals.

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