Children Club Donald Trump Piñata at ‘Stop Trump’ Rally

Donald Trump Piñata at Stop Trump Rally (KTVU / Facebook / Screenshot)
KTVU / Facebook / Screenshot

Last weekend, a “Stomp Trump” rally took place in San Francisco’s Mission District where a large group of left-wing and Latino residents encouraged their children to take violent swings at a Donald Trump piñata as the crowd cheered on.

A video of the rally was uploaded to Facebook by San Francisco Fox affiliate KTVU. It showed participants gleefully cheering on a young child hitting the Trump piñata.

According to KTVU, the demonstrators were present to protest Trump’s stance on immigration.

Trump has stated that he is against illegal immigration, not immigration as a whole.

In the background of the video, a woman can be seen holding up a #RiseUpOctober sign. “Rise Up October” is a mass demonstration planned for Oct. 24 in New York City to protest against police brutality, which was started by a group of veteran criminal justice reform activists that appear to be connected to the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

The group is being plugged by the Stop Mass Incarceration Network and some predict the event could see some 100,000 attendees, some of whom are seeking to disrupt and shut down business as usual and block traffic in the Big Apple.

This past July, a Nissan dealership in Van Nuys posted a Spanish-language video ad showing a sales manager and a colleague beating a piñata dubbed “Trumpudo” senseless. At one point in the ad, the sales manager says in Spanish: “Here at Van Nuys Nissan, Latinos rule.”

Also in July, radical left-wing, anti-Trump protesters arrived en masse outside of his appearance before a conservative Hollywood group. The demonstrators were clad with a life-size papier-mâché Trump piñata and a plethora of “Dump on Trump” signs.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrants Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), a pro-amnesty group, organized the large protest.

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