No Bay Area Cities in America’s Top 50

New Study Names San Francisco As Most Expensive To Buy A Home

24/7 Wall St. ranked America’s 50 Best cities, and much to the Bay Area’s chagrin, not one of them hails from the Bay Area.

The list included a whopping 550 cities that have at least 65,000 people. So what factor crippled the Bay Area’s cities and kept all of them from reaching the top 50?

That’s an easy question to answer, according to the San Francisco Chronicle; one factor considered in the survey was housing affordability, and the Bay Area is notorious for its astronomical housing prices.

Rachel Musiker of Redfin stated in August, “There’s just 1.5 months of supply in the Bay Area, a sign that there’s not nearly enough inventory to meet demand. The results are bidding wars and escalating prices.” Redfin, which tracks MLS home sales, inventory and prices, found that 77.3 percent of homes sold in the Bay Area above list price in July.

In October, Zumper reported that rent prices had increased 26.1% in Oakland over the last year, 19.5% in San Jose, and 13.1% in San Francisco.

Other factors considered by the 24/7 Wall St. survey included crime, demography, economy, education, environment, health, infrastructure, and leisure.

California cities listed in the top 50 included Santa Clarita (20th), Folsom (22nd), Camarillo (23rd), Chino (26th), Temecula (31st), and Roseville (32nd).


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