Police Find Dead Children in California Storage Unit

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The Associated Press

Police in Northern California are investigating a horrific double homicide involving two children, aged three and five, who were found in a storage unit. A nine-year-old little girl is also fighting for her life as a result of her injuries.

Although their identities have not been released, the deceased juveniles were siblings.

Suspects Tamy Joy Huntsman, 39, and Gonzalo Curiel, 17, of Quincy, California were arrested on Friday and charged with felony child abuse, torture and mayhem. According to a post on the Redding Police Department’s Facebook page, they are currently being held in Plumas County Jail and the case is being treated as a homicide. They are being held on $1 million bail.

Lieutenant Peter Brindley told Breitbart News on Tuesday that the first investigation was conducted by the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office after they were tipped off by a call regarding child abuse and neglect on Friday and that deputies discovered a badly injured child upon their arrival.

That discovery led to the arrest of the duo, and the surviving girl was taken to the hospital, where she underwent surgery as a consequence of her injuries, according to CNN.

Brindley said that over the course of the investigation into the child abuse incident, “the Plumas Conty Sheriff’s office learned that there were possibly two deceased juveniles in a Redding storage unit. The discovery was made on the night of Sunday December 13th” by the Redding Police.

According to KTLA, Huntsman and the teen resided in Salinas, and Redding police and the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office were working with the Salinas Police Department on any potential leads.

“We don’t have a time of death now,” Brindly told Breitbart News when asked. He explained that providing that information so early on could compromise the investigation process.

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