‘Women In Business For Trump’ Kicks Off At Private Meeting

Women in Business for Donald Trump (Michelle Moons / Breitbart News)
Michelle Moons / Breitbart News

ANAHEIM — Over 100 women formed a new “Women in Business for Trump” coalition in a private meeting with the presumptive GOP nominee ahead of Donald Trump’s Anaheim rally on Wednesday.

The women in the room were clear: they reject the narrow frame of “reproductive rights” within which the left and mainstream media contain women’s reproductive issues. These women told Breitbart News that they want their candidate to champion the economy and small businesses; create a job-friendly environment; stop Obamacare and its damaging effects; get government out of their businesses and their families’ health choices; free up educational choices for their kids, like charter schools; get Common Core out of the classroom; secure America’s borders; improve trade; and stand up to the will of the biggest donors.

Several women from the crowd were called on to share the reason that they came to be a part of Women in Business for Trump.

Actress, small business owner and avocado farmer Kimberlin Brown — familiar from television shows such as The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful — said, “As a small business person we can’t afford any longer to provide health insurance.” She told the crowd that while her business used to provide it, that they no longer afford to do so. Brown also told the crowd how badly the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has “sold out Hollywood.” She continued, “how about ‘American lives matter’? NAFTA truly affected the entertainment industry.” Brown added that “the drug cartels are using the farming industry to smuggle drugs.”

Soon, Trump entered the room to enthusiastic applause. He told the women how much he appreciated their presence and their involvement in the Women In Business for Trump. He also spoke of the many women at his events.

“I honor you and I respect you and I have such a great feeling and this is an amazing group of people. So I just want to thank you very much.”

Julie Collier, founder of Parents Advocate League, told Breitbart News that “A lot of moms are looking for solid school choice, and Hillary and Bernie have both said they don’t support charter schools.” She said she was looking forward to hearing more from Trump on education policy. “As an education reformer I would really like to hear more about his education stance than get rid of common core.”

Several other business women in industries from construction and tourism to movie production to real estate, finance and philanthropy joined the group and the day’s kickoff event.

Maria DiGiovanni of the group MK COLLAB said that she brought several of the women along with her that are active in a broad spectrum of issues, including those facing law enforcement, business owners, and the healthcare industry, as well as PTSD and military issues.

Michelle Van Etten said that she came out to the meeting from Florida and looks forward to returning home and recruiting more members of Women In Business for Trump in her state.

California State Senate Republican Leader Jean Fuller told Breitbart News of her enthusiastic support for Trump, and that she was glad to participate in the Women In Business for Trump meeting.

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