‘White Lives Matter’: Video of California Police Shooting Emerges

Dylan Noble (Facebook)

Video has emerged of a police shooting last month of an unarmed 19-year-old white male in broad daylight in Fresno, California. The man, Dylan Noble, was shot four times.

Police said that he was reaching for his waistband and they feared he was trying to pull a gun. However, the video taken by an eyewitness and published by the Fresno Bee Thursday shows he was lying on the ground when shot. Police had described the event as an apparent suicide-by-cop, saying Noble told officers he “hated his life.”

The Bee describes the scene in the video:

A witness’ video obtained by The Bee shows the final moments when Fresno police officers fired the last two shots at Dylan Noble on June 25, 2016. Police Chief Jerry Dyer says the body camera video of the entire incident shows that Noble continued to make threatening motions. Two shots had already been fired when the witness began recording; at that point, Noble is lying on the ground. The first two shots are included in the body camera video, which Dyer has not released.

The Los Angeles Times notes that there is public pressure to release the footage. It also reports that a large, rowdy gathering was held in late June on the streets of Fresno to commemorate Noble: “Fresno residents and friends and family of Noble carried a large Confederate flag as they confronted police, while others posted signs at a memorial that said ‘Justice for Dylan,’ and ‘White Lives Matter.'”

Others raced motorcycles and revved car engines. Video of the event has emerged online:

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