Veterans Day Demonstrators Counter Anti-Trump Protests

Michelle Moons

OCEANSIDE, California — Supporters of President-elect Donald Trump gathered on Veterans Day to wave signs in support of veterans and the incoming Commander-in-Chief at the entrance to San Diego’s Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.

Of the more than 20 people there supporting veterans and of Trump, one of the organizers told Breitbart News that there was one Marine who said he was going to reenlist because of Trump’s election. Among those that came out were veterans and legal immigrants, according to one of the organizers.

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Women and men of a variety of backgrounds held up signs and flags on the side of the road just ahead of the entrance to the north San Diego County military base. Some wore Make America Great Again hats. A Marine Corps flag, Gadsden flag, American flags and a Trump flag waved in the air held high by the demonstrators. Several local media outlets came out to cover the rally and one demonstrator said that a Reuters reporter came out to cover the event as well.

Retired Marine Jeff Schwilk worked with other Trump supporters to plan the action in less than two days.

Schwilk told Breitbart News:

We were honored to rally for the Marines and Veterans at the main gate of Camp Pendleton today and to celebrate Veterans Day and the election of our new, strong Commander in Chief, Donald Trump. We were able to talk to several active duty Marines at the rally who told us that Trump had and has overwhelming support among active duty Marines.  They know he will put veterans first in his new administration. They are thrilled at his election and one Marine even told he had decided to reenlist due to Trump’s election this week.

IMG_3703 (1280x911)While on site, Breitbart News witnessed many driving by that honked their horns in response to the demonstration of support and at least one sign reading “Honk for Trump.”

While the overwhelming response was positive, one driver was seen holding a fist high through his sunroof while brandishing his middle finger at the group as he drove by.

Anti-Trump protests have manifested in several cities across the country since Tuesday’s election of Donald Trump. Trump won over and above the number of electoral college votes needed to secure the highest office in the land.

Schwilk told Breitbart News at the rally that he and others decided to organize the rally to counter the swell of anti-Trump protests and in an effort to honor the military on Veterans Day.

During his campaign, Trump criticized the shrinking size of the Army, Navy and Air Force under President Barack Obama and aging Air Force aircraft. He rolled out plans to rebuild the U.S. military, provide the Air Force with “the 1,200 fighter aircraft they need” and increase the number of Navy ships.

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