California’s Liberal Democrats Vow to Resist Trump

Los Angeles anti-Trump protest (Ringo Chiu / AFP / Getty)
Ringo Chiu / AFP / Getty

Democrats in the deep blue state of California, the home of liberal Hollywood and left-leaning Silicon Valley, are gearing up to lead the “progressive” movement’s national resistance against President-elect Donald Trump.

Among those leading pressure against America’s soon-to-be sworn-in 45th president are Gov. Jerry Brown, Rep. Xavier Becerra, House Minority Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, California’s Secretary of State Alex Padilla, and Kamala Harris who was recently elected to outgoing Sen. Barbara Boxer’s seat.

A new report from the Hill notes that Padilla said, “California can and will continue to lead on policy,” and reportedly said California is ready to oppose Trump on federal policies that she believes would hurt the Golden State.

Kenneth Romero, executive director of the bipartisan National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators, told the Hill that he foresees California’s local leaders resisting federal policy by focusing on states’ rights.

Becerra, who was nominated this month to replace Harris as California’s new attorney general, has made his intention to challenge Trump no secret in recent weeks. “If you want to take on a forward-leaning state that is prepared to defend its rights and interests, come at us,” he said.

Following President-elect Donald Trump’s decisive victory on November 8, some among the Silicon Valley tech elites even pledged to push for a California referendum to secede from the United States and become a sovereign nation.

The hashtag #CalExit began trending on Twitter following an announcement by Uber investor and co-founder of Hyperloop Shervin Pishevar on Election Night that he will be “funding a legitimate campaign for California to become its own nation.”

Breitbart News reported last month on a group of left-wing Californians, with a group called Yes California, who were frustrated with Trump’s election and filed an application to put the “CalExit” secession referendum on the 2018 ballot.

Former Assemblyman Tim Donnelly also noted, at Breitbart News, that after looking back on the recent election, “While blue states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan turned red for Trump, California turned a deeper shade of blue.”

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