Winning: Ex-SF Mayor Willie Brown Says Trump Trouncing Dems

donald trump
AP/Charlie Neibergall

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown has a message for his fellow Democrats—President Donald Trump is winning and trouncing Democrats on a wide range of issues.

In his San Francisco Chronicle column this weekend, Brown writes that though Democrats are giving Trump “a big fat ‘F’ for his six months in office,” the “F” actually may “stand for frustration.”

He says that “no matter what you think of Trump’s policies or personality, he has beaten Democrats on every angle.”

“The stock market is up. Unemployment is down,” he argues. “And Trump has gotten nearly every nominee he wanted, including Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, which was absolutely critical to fulfilling the Republican agenda.”

In addition, even Trump’s “inability to repeal Obamacare,” according to Brown, “has turned into a backhanded win for Trump, if for no other reason than that it’s freed him from having to come up with a workable alternative, which he clearly does not have.”

“Like it or not, he’s doing what his supporters wanted him to do: make a lot of noise, hit the brakes on the Democratic agenda and keep them entertained,” Brown writes.

The legendary California Democrat is also entertained, to say the least, by “Trump’s made-for-TV White House.”

“What a cast of characters,” Brown points out, singling out “the sinister and elusive Steve Bannon, the ditzy Kellyanne Conway, the just-bounced Sean Spicer and now ‘Baby Don’ Trump Jr.”

Brown strangely sounded like Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Trump’s deputy assistant who has reportedly emerged as Trump’s favorite defender on television.

In a recent MSNBC appearance, Gorka said that Trump is winning from the Southern border to NATO to Warsaw to the economy to the stock market.

“We’re winning,” Gorka said. “We’re crushing it.”


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