Mail Carrier Rallies Neighborhood to Find Elderly Woman a New AC Unit

Some much-needed help from her neighborhood mail carrier gave a surprise boost Wednesday to a woman in Kansas City, Missouri.

Lovie Weekly, 65, told reporters that her air conditioning went out a long time ago, but said she had been using fans to keep her cool during the hot summer months.

“I had my two fans, my air unit went out years ago, and I never bought another one,” Weekly said.

Mail carrier Christy Zahnter said when she approached Weekly’s home to deliver her mail, she did not feel any cool air coming out the door.

I walked up to her, and when you walk up to somebody house, you can feel the air coming out, and I couldn’t feel the air,” Zahnter said. “It was hot in her house. So I asked her, ‘Do you have air conditioning?’ and she said, ‘No honey, that broke years ago.'”

Zahnter took immediate action after delivering Weekly’s mail. She alerted neighbors and a local business about her new friend’s need for an air conditioner.

“The minute I left her house, I went to the barber shop. I went to a couple of the other neighbors houses, and just told them, we got to get this lady an air conditioner,” Zahnter told reporters.

When he heard about what happened, neighbor Rick Strunk made a call to his pastor at Grandview Park Presbyterian Church, who donated a window air unit that was sitting in storage.

“I was glad to have made some difference because of my financial level. It’s unusual for me to be able to contribute in a meaningful way, so it was a very good day for me,” Strunk said after he installed the unit in Weekly’s bedroom window.

Over the past few years, Weekly faced struggles with her health that put her in and out of the hospital. However, she said she is thankful to be in her own house again.

“I’m thanking God I finally made it home,” she said, adding “I appreciate it very much. I’m very thankful.”

Weekly’s neighbors are also reportedly working on building a wheelchair ramp so she can enjoy the outdoors.

A similar instance happened in Detroit on Friday when Natasha Gregory-Allen and daughter Sasha were given a new air conditioning unit after theirs was stolen Wednesday.

“Oh wow, all I can think is ‘air,'” the mother said.

Jeff Martin of Randazzo Heating and Cooling told reporters that helping those in need is something his employer likes to do.

“We give a ton of stuff away to people in need. It’s all my boss is about, just to give back,” he commented.


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