Conservative Activist Organizes Street Cleanup at Los Angeles Homeless Camp

Scott Presler LA
Scott Presler/Twitter

A conservative activist organized a street cleanup in Los Angeles on Saturday, clearing away nearly 50 tons of trash around a homeless encampment.

The activist, Scott Presler, said he organized the Los Angeles event with 200 people using social media to get his message out and get them to sign up for nine hours of cleaning.

His team donned hazmat suits, masks, and heavy-duty gloves to prevent contracting life-threatening diseases such as typhoid fever and flesh-eating bacteria as they sifted through the rubble in the homeless encampments.

In a video showing the finished product from the cleanup, Presler said it was “one of the proudest moments of my life.”

“Guys, look at what we did, it made a difference,” Presler could be heard saying in the video.

Presler also tweeted that if more than 200 volunteers can pick up trash in nine hours with no city support, “imagine what we could do with the millions California receives in taxpayer $.” He also wondered why local politicians did not show up to help clean these areas.

Presler has organized similar street cleanups in Baltimore and his hometown of Virginia Beach, Virginia, and he does not plan on stopping his street cleanups anytime soon.


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