Thanksgiving Miracle: $126,000 in Donations Help Pay Widow’s Mortgage

Rosemary Heath
Go Fund Me

A Massachusetts widow received more than $126,000 in donations to help pay off her mortgage after she fell behind on payments following her husband’s death.

CBS Boston reported that the 52-year-old widow and grandmother Rosemary Heath had a husband named George, who died while saving a pregnant waitress from a killer on May 10, 2016.

Heath’s grief got the better of her since her husband died, and she had fallen behind on her mortgage payments since then, the Boston Herald reported.

But this Thanksgiving, Heath has a lot to be thankful for, thanks to the large and small donors who contributed $126,000 on GoFundMe as of Wednesday so she can continue to live in her house.

“I went from being embarrassed to warmed and loved in a matter of just hours,” Rosemary said of the GoFundMe donations.

Heath said she argued with her sister for two days as to whether to ask for the $25,000 she needed to reinstate her mortgage. Now, she has five times that amount.

With all the money pouring in, Heath said she no longer needs fuel assistance for the winter.

“That money can go to somebody else,” Heath said. “I called them this morning and said, ‘Thank you very much for accepting my application but I don’t need it. Please give it to somebody else.’”


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