VIDEO – Woman Finds $36K in Couch She Got Online, Returns It to Family: ‘A Wonderful Example’

A woman in Colton, California, recently acquired two sofas from Craigslist but found over $36,000 cash tucked inside the furniture.

Resident Vicky Umodu told KABC she never even considered keeping the treasure but immediately returned it, the outlet reported Wednesday.

“God has been kind to me and my children, they’re all alive and well, I have three beautiful grandchildren, so what can I ever ask from God?” she stated.

When she was shopping online for pieces to furnish her home, she eventually came upon items marked “free.”

According to Umodu, she clicked on the advertisement and read that a family wanted to offload a couch and bedroom set, so she contacted them.

The family said a loved one had recently died, and they were liquidating the property.

However, the moment Umodu placed the furniture in her home, she discovered what she initially thought was a heating pad.

After opening the cushion, she found a stack of envelopes containing the wad of cash.

Senior citizens may tend to have hiding places for money, such as a toilet water tank, a freezer, bookshelves, old suitcases, and bureaus, according to

Umodu quickly returned the money, and the family said they found more stashed throughout the house but did not know why the deceased man put so much in the sofa.

As a gesture of thanks, they agreed to buy a refrigerator for Umodu and offered her $2,200.

Video footage showed¬†what the cream-colored couch looked like sitting inside Umodu’s home.

Social media users praised the woman’s honesty, one person writing, “I would be ridden with guilt keeping the money. She did the right thing and got a new frig and $2200. She’s way ahead from where she started. All is good for everyone. Nice to see!”

“She Is A Wonderful Example For Her Children And Grandchildren! Bless Her!” another commented.


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