Pope Francis (L) waves as he arrives for a private prayer at St. Mary Major Basilica in Rome on July 13, 2015. Pope Francis returned to Rome after a pastoral journey to Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay. AFP PHOTO / ALBERTO PIZZOLI (Photo credit should read

Where Can We Get Some of This ‘Unfettered Capitalism’ Pope Francis Rails Against?

The Pope should also know better than to position socialism as the solution to greed. On the contrary, socialists are incredibly greedy, as the lavish lifestyles of left-wing Men and Women of the People attest. Even in nations that haven’t been completely flushed down the socialist toilet yet, the people who rail against the way other people “pursue money” tend to be filthy rich and accustomed to fabulous luxury themselves.


Politico: Andrew Jackson Stays on the $20–Because He Deserves It

He was a slave owner, hostile to the forces of abolitionism that were rising in America. He imposed a cruel policy of Indian removal, forcing the tribes of the Southeast across a brutal march to the Oklahoma territory. He was a hot-headed general, quick to violence and known to overstep his legal bounds, as when he summarily executed two Britons for aiding the Indian enemy during the First Seminole War.

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What Each College Major Is Actually Worth

As the average college debt soars past $30,000, a new report from Georgetown University details just how much money students give up by choosing sociology over calculus.

devils dung reuters

Pope Francis: ‘Money Is the Devil’s Dung!’

In his address to the Italian Confederation of Cooperatives Saturday, Pope Francis employed muscular language in speaking about money — while acknowledging its importance to business.

San Jose (Michael / Wikimedia Commons)

San Jose, Capital of Silicon Valley, Out of Money

San Jose, once viewed as a jewel, called “America’s safest big city” and known as the prime bedroom community of Silicon Valley, now has little money. Its libraries close some of the time, its potholes remain unfixed, and its police force goes understaffed.