Los Angeles Firefighters Resuscitate Cat Found Inside Burning Apartment

Members of the Los Angeles Fire Department were able to successfully resuscitate a cat tha
Los Angeles Fire Department/Instagram

Members of the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) successfully resuscitated a cat found inside a burning apartment.

When firefighters responded around 5:20 p.m. on Wednesday to a fire at a two-story apartment complex on the 5100 block of West Pickford Avenue, they saw smoke coming from one of the downstairs apartments, according to an LAFD Instagram post.


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Thankfully, the unit’s occupants were not inside, but firefighters still entered to ensure that no other person was inside while simultaneously battling the flames.

While searching through the thick smoke and excessive personal storage, they found three lifeless cats, which were quickly moved outside.

Firefighters began lifesaving efforts on the cats, but two of them unfortunately died.

However, a third cat showed signs of a pulse and breathing, so responding firefighters continued to provide oxygen for the feline.

“Following 10 minutes of continuous #oxygen therapy and hands-on care, the surviving cat stood up and interacted with firefighters,” the LAFD wrote.

It took 29 responding firefighters less than eight minutes to fully extinguish the flames after accessing the nearly century-old apartment complex, the LAFD noted.

Fire officials believe the fire originated from a sizable amount of electrical equipment in the kitchen area, although the specific cause of the fire is still under investigation.

The surviving fury animal, now safe and sound, was given to a neighbor for temporary care until the owners of the unit returned.

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