VIDEO: ‘Bye-Bye!’ Yelled as Teen Disappeared in Shark-Infested Waters

Cameron Robbins Bahamas
Obituary/The Advocate, Pola Damonte via Getty Images

Video footage recorded someone yelling when 18-year-old Cameron Robbins disappeared after allegedly jumping off a boat in the Bahamas on May 24.

The high school graduate from Baton Rouge was on a sunset cruise with fellow graduates where he is believed to have jumped overboard as a dare, the New York Post reported Friday.

Video footage of the incident shows what appears to be the young man in the water as someone behind the camera says he jumped off.

“Oh, bye-bye!” a voice is heard yelling as Robbins appears to swim away from the ship. Others scream for him to grab onto a nearby buoy:

According to the Post‘s video, questions surround the young man’s death, one being whether he was killed by a shark.

“A shadowy image captured in the waters surrounding the Louisiana baseball star has some convinced that Robbins was fleeing a predator,” the outlet said.

Meanwhile, Royal Bahamas Defense Force Commodore Raymond King said the waters there are shark-infested, and people online wonder if the young man was bitten when the person on the boat said “Bye-bye” as he swam in the dark water.

On May 26, officials called off the search for the young man who had been aboard the Blackbeard’s Revenge near Nassau, Breitbart News reported Saturday.

The United States Coast Guard and Bahaman officials spent several days looking for him over 325 square miles of the ocean.

Robbins graduated from the University Laboratory High School in Baton Rouge a few days before he went with friends and other graduates on the trip.

“A 13-year kid here at U-High,” said the director of Lab School, Kevin George.

“That’s a special kid that’s been here throughout his entire educational career. He’s an athlete, great kid, great smile, great head of hair. Just one of the kids you’re so proud of when they cross the stage,” he added.


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