MH370: Chinese Plane Spots "Suspicious" Objects

MH370: Chinese Plane Spots "Suspicious" Objects

A Chinese plane searching for the missing Malaysia Airways MH370 flight has spotted “suspicious” objects floating in the Indian Ocean, according to state media.

The Xinhua news agency reports that searchers found two “relatively big” objects, and “many white smaller ones scattered over a radius of several kilometres”.

The plane was part of an international search effort trying to locate what are suspected to be the remains of the flight which disappeared over two weeks ago. The current search area, 1,550 miles southwest of the Australian city of Pert, was established after satellite images appeared to show two large objects floating in the sea there last week.

The Chinese plane’s crew have informed the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (Amsa) of the objects’ coordinates, but Amsa warned that weather conditions will likely deteriorate before nightfall, hampering a quick recovery.

Amsa have issued a statement saying it “was advised about the reported objects sighted by a Chinese aircraft. The reported objects are within today’s search area and attempts will be made to relocate them.”