Self-Styled Community Activist Mo Ansar Claims 34 Jobs Over Past 15 Years

Self-Styled Community Activist Mo Ansar Claims 34 Jobs Over Past 15 Years

A self-styled “community activist” for British Muslims has claimed to have held 34 jobs over the past 15 years, despite also receiving state benefits.

In an exposé by journalist Milo Yiannopoulos, Mo Ansar is revealed to have claimed to be involved in an incredibly wide variety of professions. Yiannopoulos describes him as a “Walter Mitty character” who supports slavery and has promoted extremist organisations.

Although he calls himself a theologian, Ansar also has no qualifications and has never worked at a school, university or law firm.

Despite all his jobs, he is still enjoys “considerable largesse” from the British public purse. He was reported by the Guardian newspaper to have been under police protection, after claiming to be “at the top of the Al Shabab most wanted list”, despite the fact that such a list does not exist.

It is estimated that if his protection is 24-hour, it could cost up to £500,000 of taxpayers’ money per year.

He has also been stingy when it comes to paying taxes. He charged for a media appearance to a limited company which he later shut down without submitting accounts. He has not commented on whether he paid tax on the income.

A neighbour also accused him of running his house entirely on benefits, despite TV studio cars coming “day and night”.

Mo Ansar has claimed to hold the following jobs:

  • Lawyer
  • Lecturer
  • Banker
  • Imam
  • Marriage counsellor
  • Visiting lecturer
  • Political and social commentator
  • Legal advocate
  • Educator
  • Educationalist
  • Speaker
  • Grass roots activist
  • Civil rights activist
  • Social justice activist
  • Peace activist
  • “Interfaither”
  • Theologian
  • School governor
  • Girls’ cricket team coach
  • England and Wales Cricket Board coach
  • Equality specialist
  • Equality practitioner “in Parliament”
  • Communication specialist
  • Child protection expert
  • Prison chaplain
  • College chaplain
  • Professional logician
  • Professional Association of Diving Instructors-qualified scuba diver
  • “The Muslim Bishop of Southampton”
  • Community organiser
  • Diversity consultant
  • Religious Education practitioner
  • School governor
  • LGBT activist