Arianna Huffington to 'Dahling' Mehdi Hasan: 'Sleep Your Way to the Top!'

Arianna Huffington to 'Dahling' Mehdi Hasan: 'Sleep Your Way to the Top!'

I often watch ‘Mehdi’s Minute’ – a curious and scarcely viewed YouTube series by the Huffington Post which features their UK ‘political director’ Mehdi Hasan waxing lyrical about things you can tell he barely understands.

The 60-seconds of hate is accompanied by a hilariously 90’s music accompaniment from a ‘Free Music Archive’, and regularly features cameos from HuffPo’s friends and family. 

But this week, I just couldn’t not write about. It is a real shit show: 

Firstly, Mehdi, it is pronounced “kis-uhn-jer”. Here’s a tutorial.

Secondly, that “quote” that you attribute to him is widely noted to have originally come from President Woodrow Wilson and/or Wallace Stanley Sayre. Kissinger only came to it in 1997 when he said: “I formulated the rule that the intensity of academic politics and the bitterness of it is in inverse proportion to the importance of the subject they’re discussing. And I promise you at Harvard, they are passionately intense and the subjects are extremely unimportant.”

But never mind about accuracy in media eh, Mehdi? You only write for the Huffington Post after all.

And I wonder how Mehdi felt deep down about this week’s special guest, Arianna Huffington, placing her hand around her “dahling” Mehdi and telling him to er… “sleep your way to the top!” 

If Mehdi’s historical vitriol against Western lifestyles are anything to go by, you can be sure he wouldn’t have appreciated that joke… nor will he be “kissing her”… Kissinger… geddit?