The Stupidity of Taking Offence On Behalf of Someone Else – A Case Study

The Stupidity of Taking Offence On Behalf of Someone Else – A Case Study

Some people are just bloody idiots and you can’t do a thing about, can you?

It’s true. And I say it out of love for them really, because they account for a significant part of why I get out of bed everyday – or at least why I pick up my laptop off the floor and stay in bed everyday, writing.

For several reasons really: 

  1. I don’t want them near the levers of power;
  2. I want to get them away from the levers of power (some already slipped through);
  3. Because the intelligent public deserves to know who they are and to laugh at them;
  4. Because I really do feel sorry for, and want to help them;
  5. Because I’m an insecure person and like most others, I derive confidence from observing people dumber than myself attempt to do things they should just give up on. 

Like pontificate over racism, sexism, climate change, and plastic carrier bags. All that low-hanging fruit that the left-liberal establishment has handed to those deficient in wisdom so that they may partake in what they feel are earth-moving (or saving?) conversations at pop-up pubs in Shoreditch.

In a way, that leaves the really interesting stuff – like Stephen Merchant videos or UKIP-hating dogs – to me.

Take Aaron Hugh-Ellis, for example. A wishy-washy, conservative under notional terms only type chap who decided it was in his gift to accept deep offence on behalf of all gays in the world because of an article written by my colleague Andre Walker.

Mr Hugh-Ellis has form, as I have noted before, comparing Thatcherite conservatives to extremist Islamists. See reasons 1, 3, 4, and 5 above. 

He got very mad when Mr Walker pointed out that another lefty-liberal ‘conservative’ by the name of Tara Hewitt had been appointed the chairman of a school governor’s board despite her sordid sexy-time antics.

Walker concluded: “Whilst there is absolutely no suggestion of impropriety against Hewitt, her position gives her the ability to shape school policy in a way that may not fit with the views of parents. She is very socially liberal and her support for unusual sexual practises is likely to cause concern.”

But Mr Hugh-Ellis decided this wasn’t about school policy, but rather Ms. Hewitt’s proximity to young boys. In making that assertion, he himself did what he accuses Mr Walker of via Facebook, namely: linking homosexuality (or shall we say ‘alternative sexual/gender choices’) with paedophilia.

Nowhere in Mr Walker’s article was anything of the such suggested. Why would it be? How often would a chairman of a school governor’s board come into contact with the pupils at the school? Let alone in an isolated environment, or for long enough for something inappropriate to occur. No, this was about the school’s policy – but because Mr Hugh-Ellis is blindly supportive of Hewitt’s freedom to choose to dress like a (not so) sexy kitten while being tied up and porked – he played the gay-hate card.

In this he not only smears Ms. Hewitt (his friend), but also every BDSM-loving, kitten-dressing tranny the world over. All eight of them.

So refer back to points 1, 3, 4, and 5 as above, and tell me that some people really aren’t just bloody idiots that you can’t help. You can’t do it, can you? You can’t help me out there at all. Which in a way makes me the bloody idiot. Certainly for wasting time on this one.