Sacked Environment Secretary 'Spitting Blood' Over Reshuffle

Sacked Environment Secretary 'Spitting Blood' Over Reshuffle

Sacked Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson is “spitting blood” about being sacked by the Prime Minister. When he was called into Cameron’s office earlier this week he ended up having a “stand up shouting match” with the Prime Minister, according to an MP known to be close to him.

Paterson’s sacking left Westminster awash with rumours that he was brought down because he opposed gay marriage, refused to believe in man made climate change and was hated by animal rights activists.

The reshuffle itself was branded as the removal of the “pale, male and stale” a reference to the replacing of older white men with younger women.

As Environment Secretary, Mr Paterson had key powers in farming and worked constantly to protect rural communities over city dwelling animal rights activists. He was also one of only two cabinet ministers to vote against gay marriage. The other was Welsh Secretary David Jones, who also got fired.

As previously reported on Breitbart London, prior to Paterson’s sacking, Conservative Peer Lord Howard of Rising warned that getting rid of him would play into UKIPs hands as Conservatives in rural communities would lose their advocate. Howard said Paterson is “incredibly popular in the countryside. He is doing all those things that we in the countryside would like to see done.

“I would have thought it would be silly to antagonise them (Conservatives) by taking away the person who has been representing them.” He went on to say that without Paterson many of these people would start voting UKIP.

The Conservative MP who spoke to Breitbart London about Paterson’s sacking said: “Owen is spitting blood, he is absolutely furious. He’s been walking round the corridors looking angry.

“When he got called in he had a stand up shouting match with the Prime Minister, apparently it was not pretty.

“Ultimately he’d done a good job but got screwed because his face didn’t fit.”

Paterson is now likely to be thorn in the side of the leadership, and he joins a growing number of disaffected right-wing Conservatives who have been condemned to the back benches as long as Cameron remains in power.