EU Approves Arming Iraqi Kurdistan

EU Approves Arming Iraqi Kurdistan

Brussels, August 16 (QNA) – European Union leaders have approved sending arms to Kurdish forces who are battling Islamic extremists Group (ISIS) in northern Iraq.

At an emergency meeting in Brussels Friday, EU foreign ministers did not agree that all member states would send weapons, but welcomed the decision by individual countries to do so.

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond says the European Council’s conclusions Friday “will show the commitment of European countries to pushing back against the threat” of Islamic State militants, who have taken over large parts of northwestern Iraq.

Following the meeting French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said he expects more European countries to meets the request of providing arms to the Kurds.

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said Friday, ahead of the ministers’ meeting, that the bloc is “pleased” about the presence of Al-Abadi and hopes to see “greater political stability now in Iraq.”