15 Migrants Killed Trying To Get From France to Britain


The desperation of migrants in Calais trying to get to Britain for a life they believe will be full of plentiful work, state benefits and free education, has been highlighted as it was revealed at least fifteen have died this year alone.

The men, women and children, mainly from poor African countries or Middle Eastern areas ravaged by war has lead to an increase in the risks they are taking to secure a passage to Britain, the Daily Mail reports.

Earlier this year, four died in one week as the methods they use to jump onto lorries or Eurostar train services have become more dangerous.

An Eritrean man was killed earlier this month as he loitered around the port road looking for a lorry to board. And in November one man died attempting to jump from a motorway bridge onto a moving lorry. Down the road from Calais in Dunkirk, two died when the wagon where they were hiding in caught fire.

The figures were branded “shameful” by those who want to easily let these people into the UK even though they cannot be classed simply as asylum seekers because they have not sought refuge in the first safe country they arrive in.

But more are set to lose their lives as the temperatures drop and the weak and young can’t cope living in the shanty towns on the outskirts of the port, known as ‘The Jungle’.

In an earlier report for Breitbart London, we revealed how children as young as three were living in rubbish strewn camps and asbestos was used to keep warm.

The numbers were calculated by local charities who hand out food and other equipment to hundreds of migrants each night in a disused square near the river as well as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

And they back up tough talking Calais mayor Natacha Bouchart who warned MPs in Westminster that foreigners were ‘prepared to die’ to get to the UK, believing it was a real life ‘El Dorado’.

Migrants we spoke to confirmed that human trafficking gangs were openly operating and the costs charged for getting children into the EU were much higher and expected to be paid across a lifetime, with the threatening ties following families around whether they moved to.

UKIP MEP for Dover Janice Atkinson said that while each death was “a tragedy” the “senseless deaths” would continue until hard line action was taken to control the UK’s borders.

“The UK has to take back control of its borders.  Yet EU continues to state that open borders and free movement of people is a pillar of its existence.  The migrants go unchallenged on Italian and French trains as the authorities think they are not their problem as their ultimate goal is getting to Britain.

“The people traffickers need to be arrested and severe sanctions imposed: Until they are caught, tried and punished, this evil crime and more deaths will continue.

Ms Atkinson, who has visited Calais and spoken to the town’s politicians said a good idea might be to physically remove the migrants who are inhabiting Calais.

“They told me they are not asylum seekers, but job seekers” she said, adding, “That’s not just me saying that,. it is the Deputy Mayor of Calais too.”