Canada Dispatches Parliament Hill Shooting Hero to Europe


The sergeant-at-arms of the Canadian parliament who was celebrated worldwide for his pivotal role in dispatching a terrorist gunman has been selected as the next ambassador to Ireland.

The fact that the post of ambassador to the nation of 4.5 million has remained unfilled for five months since the departure of the former incumbent in August suggests the posting may provide a comparatively un-taxing final job before a well earned retirement.

Sergeant Vickers shot to public attention last year during the Parliament Hill siege, in which Islamist convert gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau stormed the seat of government. While members of the house, who were holding caucus at the time, barricaded themselves in meeting rooms and armed themselves with the archaic weapons hanging on the walls, sergeant Vickers led his security team to terminate the terrorist.

After closing in on the terrorist, it is reported that Vickers ended up sheltering on the opposite side of the same pillar as Zehaf-Bibeau, before diving onto the floor and killing him. The daring move has been compared to Bruce Willis in the 1980’s action-thriller Die Hard.

Still wearing his ceremonial uniform and medals, with pistol in hand, Vickers then calmly returned to his office to reload his weapon and to continue the security operation, a moment that was captured on video. Addressing members of parliament immediately after, Vickers said only:  “I engaged the suspect and the suspect is deceased.”

Vicker’s son Andrew followed his father into the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and has already been hailed himself by the Canadian parliament in 2012, reports the Daily Mail.