French Catholics Buy Gay Bar to Evict Gays

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A group of French Catholics are wielding the sharp edge of capitalism to their advantage, having bought a gay bar next to their church so they can legally turn out the revellers within.

texas bar

Toulon’s Texas Bar Before Closure.

It is reported the Missionaries of Divine Mercy have long enjoyed a strained relationship with the late-opening ‘Texas Bar’ on the seafront in the French Mediterranean town of Toulon. After the gay bar filed for bankruptcy and the premises was auctioned by the city to the highest bidder, the church leapt at the chance and immediately started appealing for donations.

The missionary fund received a boost when the diocesan priest made a €15,000 donation. The website of the Mission reported that other buyers were prepared to put in higher bids for the prime seafront property, but withdrew from the sale when they saw members of the order praying during the auction.

In a statement the Missionaries of Divine Mercy said: “You will understand the importance of this place for our evangelization in the area. So the Sodom bar will become the pub of Mercy”.

The bar will now be turned into a mission to further the Christian development of the area. reports some in the local gay community are not delighted by the sale. The president of the ‘Gay Power Toulon Association’ said “I would have preferred if someone else got it but they’ve wanted the place for years.

“To them, it’s like Satan is right next to their church. They’ll need a whole bunch of exorcists to get rid of everything that’s happened in there”.