The Price is Not Right: Inheritance Tax ‘Over the Top’ Says Bruce Forsyth

Bruce Forsyth and Family

TV presenter Sir Bruce Forsyth has slammed current rules on inheritance tax with a typically British understatement, saying it’s “a bit over the top”. The veteran broadcaster has amassed a multi-million pound fortune during his 75-year career.

Speaking to the Radio Times, Sir Bruce, 87, said “I think your inheritance should go to your children more than back to the country that you’ve lived in. I’m not saying you don’t owe the country something, of course you owe your country a lot for living there all those years. But I think it can be a bit over the top.”

He refused to reveal which political party he supports, but described David Cameron as ‘the most pleasant man’ who has ‘done a good job’.

Sir Bruce has six children from three wives, nine grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. Upon his death they will be in line for a portion of his assets which include a £4million home near London and Bruce Forsyth Enterprises, worth £5.7 million – but not until the taxman has taken his 40 percent.

That means that Sir Bruce’s relatives would have to hand over £3.75 million upon his death, although the tax can be postponed if he leaves all of his assets to his current wife, former Miss World Wilnelia Merced, 57.

During the interview Sir Bruce also gave his thoughts on death, saying: “As I get nearer to it I fear it less because with the tiredness one gets at times, you think, ‘Is it just like having a nice long sleep?’ I wouldn’t say I fear it. I think I’ll be completely at peace when it does happen to me because I’ve been so lucky. I’ve had a wonderful career.”

And on immigration he said: “It should benefit the country, whatever decision is made. It needs sorting out.”