Teacher Banned For Life For Sending Tweets Praising Beheading of Alan Henning


A primary school teacher from Lancashire, UK has been banned from the classroom for life after sending a barrage of tweets praising ISIS, calling for the murder of non-Muslims, and sending abuse to the widow of murdered aid-worker, Alan Henning.

Divorcee Nargs Bibi, 31, of Lancashire sent the tweets on October 3 and 4 last year, which were uncovered by The Daily Mail following the ruling made by the National Collage of Teaching (NCT) of 23 of June. They included:

“A beheading deserved… hurrah hurrah… alan is in hell,” and; “’Well done IS…don’t blow the shrines up…kill kafir for wat they’ve done,” and; “To put into context…however many have sympathy for Alan is the scale of bitchiness of white women.”

She even sent tweets directly to Mr. Henning’s widow calling her “a b****” and a “slag.”

At one point Greater Manchester Police did arrest her, but no further action was taken. Bibi admits sending the tweets but put it down to poor mental health. She did not attend the hearing.

The official NCT report says she is prohibited from teaching in any school, sixth form college, youth accommodation or children’s home in England ever again.

Chair of the panel, Mrs. Mary Speakman, said: “The panel considered that the nature of the tweets had the potential to incite religious hatred and expressed some extreme views.”

“…The panel was satisfied that such communications undermined fundamental British values of mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs, and promoted political and religious extremism.”

Her beliefs might lead to “pupils being exposed to or influenced by her behavior in a harmful way,” she said.

Bibi was fired from Knowsley Junior in Oldham in 2012 for repeatedly shouting at other members of staff, ignoring instruction and disciplining pupils in and “inappropriate” ways.

She was not banned three years ago because the panel did not want to ruin her “fledgling career.”