Along River Thames, Swan Uppers Begin Annual Bird Census

Dressed in a traditional scarlet coat and with a feather in his hat, Queen Swan Marker David Barber led six wooden rowing skiffs up the River Thames on Monday as bird counters began the old English tradition of Swan Upping.

The five-day census goes back to the 12th century when the Crown claimed ownership of all mute swans and the birds were often destined for the royal dining table.

Today, it is a way of collecting data and assessing young cygnets for injury or disease.

“Swan Upping is the way of monitoring the welfare of the Thames swans,” Barber, who lead the so-called Swan Uppers, told Reuters.

“It dates right back to the 12th century when swans then were eaten, they were an important food; but of course today it is all about conservation and education.”

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