It’s ‘DEFINITELY NOT’ About Cheap Migrant Labour Germany Says, Then Replaces Refugee Chief With Employment Boss

migrant labour

Germany’s insistence on throwing open all the borders of Europe was definitely not its way of trying to procure cheap, migrant labour to shore up its diminishing birth rates and please its big corporates. No, definitely not. They swear it. Even though the Head of the Refugees Agency has just resigned, and been replaced by… the head of the country’s Federal Labour Agency. 

A coincidence!” you cry. “The only man for the job!” Merkel will insist. 


She thought she could look like the big, morally superior woman on the European stage, all the while making a cynical calculation over the German economy. Except as ever, and as in every country in the world, the central government authorities lumbered local government officials with the responsibilities to process and house the migrants, and of course they were overwhelmed.

“Scheiße!” she cried, as Germany had to close its borders, suspending its own, dearly revered open borders fetish.

“No matter! We will use this opportunity to lean on our European neighbours. They must take more, and then when we are ready, we will allow the migrants a secondary movement into Germany. I’m a genius!” 

Except on further inspection, it turns out a lot of the migrants aren’t who they say they are:

“Lots of men?” Check. “Very good for toiling in the fields.”

“Young?” Yes. “They’ll work for little and live six to a room, no problem.”

“And we can honestly say they weren’t economic migrants, but refugees, right?” Ummm. No, not really. Actually not at all.

“But I thought the picture of Aylan Kurdi…” Yeah you thought a picture could help you set government policy, we get that now. But they’re not all refugees. In fact most of them aren’t. The Slovakian Prime Minister said last month: “Ninety-five per cent of these people are economic migrants” and the EU’s own Frontex Agency noted in late 2014 that economic migrants were pretending to be asylum seekers so they could enter and stay in Europe. They scale of the problem has increased ten-fold over the last 8 months, you think the liars have done anything but scale up in number too?

Well, at least you’ve given the continent the greatest expression of your intent for these migrants, Mrs Merkel. Appointing Frank-Jürgen Weise, the head of the Federal Labour Agency the chief for Refugees sends a very definite signal: “these are our new slave labourers, and we’ll work them to the bone.”

Seems some old German instincts never die.