WATCH: Migrants Rushing To Europe To Beat Winter Weather, Greece Influx Increases

migrants rushing to europe

With temperatures starting to drop there is evidence of migrants rushing to Europe to beat the coming winter weather.

In some parts of Europe the change is already pronounced, with the first snow falling nearly a month ago, but winter is spreading southwards and its effects on the European migrant crisis are beginning to be felt.

The ‘Balkan Route’ into Europe has seen thousands of people trying to reach Hungary via Croatia, only to find their path blocked by a closed border. Officials and charities there have been scrambling to prepare for the wintry conditions, as Breitbart London reported yesterday.

Now it has been noted that the drop in temperatures will make the crossing at the Aegean sea between Turkey and Greece even more dangerous, just as numbers in the already overcrowded boats are beginning to rise again. This is the chosen route for migrants escaping Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, reports euronews, as they make their way from Turkey to mainland Greece and on through the Balkans to northern Europe.

A particular destination for the migrant boats is the island of Lesbos (seen above and in the film below). There early yesterday a makeshift bomb built from gas cannisters set fire to the political office of the former Greek Justice Minister, Haralambos Athanasiou.

Although nobody has yet claimed responsibility, Reuters reports an unamed local police official said that police believe “the attack is very likely related to the migrant crisis that is troubling the island.”

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