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Lesbos: Europe’s Migrant Barrier Nears Breaking Point

LESBOS, Greece (AP) — At the heart of Moria, an overcrowded refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos, is a dark rectangular building ringed with police guards and coils of razor wire. Taking photographs of it is prohibited.

Lesbos Earthquake

Greece Declares State of Emergency on Quake-Hit Island

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Greek authorities declared a state of emergency on the island of Lesbos on Tuesday, a day after an earthquake killed one woman and displaced more than 800 people. The 6.2-magnitude undersea quake occurred south of Lesbos


Greek Authorities Probing Three Migrant Deaths On Island Camp

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Greek authorities are investigating the deaths of three migrants over the past week in a camp on the eastern Aegean Sea island of Lesbos. Two of the men, an Egyptian and a Syrian national, were found

Migrants and refugees seated on a rubber boat wait to be rescued by the Topaz Responder, a rescue ship run by Maltese NGO 'Moas' and the Italian Red Cross, on November 4, 2016 off the Libyan coast.

Turkey Accused of ‘Dissolving’ Camps as Migrants Flood Greece

Hundreds of migrants arriving on the Greek island of Lesbos have claimed that they came from a “dissolved” migrant camp in north-west Turkey, and Greek port authorities allege the Turkish coastguard that monitors the Aegean Sea border has “disappeared”.

(AFP) - Angry migrants set fire to a camp on …

Migrants Torch Greek Camp after Gas Explosion

Angry migrants set fire to a camp on the Greek island of Lesbos Thursday after a woman and her child died following a gas cylinder explosion, local police said.


VIDEO: Greek Migrants Riot, Expensive New Official Camp Burns

(Reuters) – Stone-throwing migrants clashed with police at the Moria detention centre on the Greek island of Lesbos on Tuesday shortly after the Dutch and Greek migration ministers toured the former army camp. Plumes of smoke billowed from the compound

Arab Invasion

Pope Brings 12 Muslim Refugees to Rome in Papal Airplane

Pope Francis visited the Greek island of Lesbos and took twelve Muslim refugees back to Rome with him on his papal airplane. The Vatican issued a statement that the refugees included six children. The twelve included three families who have had their homes bombed during the Syrian war.


Lesbos Island: From Tourist Spot To Migrant And VIP Hotspot

The Greek tourist island of Lesbos was once known to Greeks mainly for its potent ouzo, and to the rest of world as the homeland of Sappho, the seventh century poet who immortalised love for women. But in its new


American Lawyer Helps Migrants Battle Deportation From Europe

An American lawyer is attempting to help clog up Greece’s asylum applications system to prevent migrants from being deported to Turkey. 30 year-old Kavita Kapur came to Greece initially to help cook for migrants who were stuck in Greece after Macedonia

A Turkish officer registers a deported migrant from Greece after the arrival of a small Turkish ferry carrying migrants who are deported to Turkey, on April 4, 2016 at the port of Dikili district in Izmir.

Greece Deports First Batch of Migrants Back to Turkey Under New Deal

The Greek government deported more than 200 migrants back to Turkey early Monday morning, the first enactment of a recent agreement between the European Union (EU) and Turkey meant to curb migration via the “Balkan route” into Europe. European police

Libya To Italy

Twenty-One Migrants Die in Shipwreck off Coast of Turkey

As migration attempts to cross the Aegean Sea into Europe continue unabated, the bodies of at least 21 migrants drowned in a shipwreck were found at dawn Tuesday on the Aegean coast of Turkey. Local news agencies have reported that a


UN Warns Of Lesbos Chaos As Mediterranean Migrant Crossings Pass 800,000

More than 800,000 migrants and refugees have crossed the Mediterranean to Europe this year, the UN said Friday, warning the Greek island of Lesbos especially was overstretched, with thousands, including young children, forced to sleep outside. Since January, 806,000 people


345 Migrants Found In Luxury Yacht Off Greek Coast

Hundreds of migrants have been discovered aboard a luxury yacht near the Greek island of Lesbos after paying the equivalent of up to $2,500 each to travel to Europe. The vessel, which has an official capacity of just 65, was carrying