Three Seriously Injured In Inter-Ethnic Brawl At German Migrant Centre

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Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Three Afghan migrants were seriously injured in a brawl at a migrant detention in Germany this weekend after getting into an argument with a group of Syrians.

The fight reportedly started after the two groups of migrants started shouting insults at each other during a German language class on Friday morning before escalating into a full-on brawl, with pans, plates and cups being thrown.

Local paper Stuttgarter Nachrichten reports that four Syrians, aged 16, 18, 19 and 31 have been arrested and are being held in pre-trial detention.

Two of the injured Afghans were admitted to hospital with life-threatening injuries, but their condition is now believed to have improved. The Syrians involved in the brawl were reportedly unharmed.

Around 120 male migrants from Afghanistan, Syria, Albania, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey are currently being held at the centre in a converted gym in Backnang, southern Germany. The migrants are separated into different areas according to nationality, with Syrians and Afghans usually kept well apart.

This brawl is the latest in a series of attacks by migrants against either each other or their accommodation.

Last week, Breitbart London reported how German Interior Minister Thomas de Mazière blamed the rising level of violence in the country’s asylum centres on native Germans, despite evidence to the contrary.

In an interview with Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, Mr de Mazière claimed there had been amassive increase in xenophobic attacks on asylum seekers.”

“Overall, there were in this year already more than 490 crimes against asylum seekers accommodation,” he said.

Despite his comments, however, German media has reported several incidents where migrants have smashed up their asylum centres. The chief of the German police union also admitted “the public does not know everything” because police do not report all incidents to avoid scaring the public.

The incident in Backnang happened on the same day as fire struck another centre in Ingolstadt, Bavaria. Although there were no serious casualties, a number of people were taken to hospital with smoke inhalation.

The culprit was later revealed as 22-year-old Syrian who had also threatened others with a knife and smashed up a parked car.

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