Westerners DYING Due To Migrant Crisis, Says German Police Chief

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Sean Gallup/Getty Images

More Germans are likely to die in road traffic accidents because police are now too busy dealing with the migrant crisis, German police federation chairman Rainer Wendt has said.

Speaking to Die Welt, Mr. Wendt said police have already had to cancel next year’s ‘Blitzer Marathon’ where forces across the country increase their efforts to catch speeding motorists. The ‘Marathon’, which has been held every year for the past two years, involves thousands of officers taking to the streets to crack down on motorists.

However, Mr. Wendt said traffic monitoring had now been “dramatically scaled back” in all German states, with “fatal consequences”. The government now looks set to miss its target of reducing road fatalities by 40 per cent by 2020. In fact, Mr. Wendt said, fatalities could even rise.

The police will also have to scale back their presence at certain events such as football matches and demonstrations, Mr. Wendt added. Some lower league football matches where there is a potential for violence among fans may have to be cancelled all together, or there will be quotas for “away” fans.

“Then they can only be played in front of fans from the home team,” Wendt said. “The Dutch have already been doing this, even in the professional league.”

Last month, Breitbart London reported that interior ministers from various German states had already written to the Chairman of the Internal Security Working Group II, telling him the next ‘Blitzer Marathon’ was off.

They said: “Due to the unpredictable evolution of the refugee situation and the resulting duties of the police… it was unanimously decided by all AK II members that preparations for the next transnational speed ​​control event should be halted.”

Speaking at the time, Mr. Wendt blamed national “austerity” policies for reducing the police’s ability to cope with the migrant crisis.

“Now we see the dramatic consequences of the short-sighted austerity policies of recent years. There are no reserves left, the police are working to their limit every day.”

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