Swedish Migration Minister Pleads With Migrants: ‘Stay In Germany!’

Morgan Johansson

The Swedish government has been reduced to pleading with economic migrants and refugees moving north through Europe to stop coming, as their social services grow so overwhelmed.

Amid the busiest week ever for asylum applications in Sweden, the government has all but capitulated, doing everything it can to stave off the asylum crisis they created short of actually taking action to stop it.

While the Swedish government steadfastly refuses to close the borders, change migration rules, or slash the lavish benefits paid to migrants, ministers have not been shy to call on their neighbours for help and even the migrants themselves to take pity.

Speaking in an interview with Swedish television last week, state justice and migration minister Morgan Johansson laid out the position of the government, explaining they were no longer able to house the tens of thousands arriving at the invitation of the government. He said: “The urgent problem today is that the number of asylum seekers is increasing faster than the number of settlements. Sweden today can no longer guarantee accommodation places”.

Just yesterday the latest government figures showed the previous week 10,201 migrants arrived over the seven days, far outstripping the ability of the nation to find accommodation where every last bed has already been filled by the great tide of humanity surging north.

Left unable by his party doctrine to turn the migrants away, or to take action to make coming to Sweden any less attractive Mr. Johansson was left hoping the overwhelmingly uneducated newcomers would pick up a newspaper on their way to Sweden and heed his words. Firstly congratulating Sweden for having become such a humanitarian superpower, he said to Sweden Television:

“Sweden has done more than many other countries in this situation, but our country has done more than we can handle. What I am saying is that I have information that those e in Germany are beginning to move northwards.

“The Swedish situation is so strained that they then have to decide if they want to remain in Germany, where they actually have an accommodation, or leave for Sweden. I hope it will have a dampening effect.

“Stay in Germany”.

This is not the first time Sweden’s domestic policy has been reduced to pleading. As reported by Breitbart London last week, the Swedish prime minister has also gone on bended knee to his neighbours, accusing them of not doing enough to house migrants and calling on them to help lighten the load.

Denmark, which has already taken strong steps to limit its own exposure to the migrant crisis by cutting benefits to foreigners and tightening migration laws had little sympathy for Sweden. Danish immigration minister Inger Støjberg hit back, telling Sweden they had made their own bed and had better now sleep in it.

Speaking to Danish TV2, she said: “the Swedes have put themselves in this situation. Sweden has pursued a very lenient immigration policy for years…. Swedes are to blame for the swamp they are in”.

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