Sweden Is Leveraging The Migrant Crisis To Call For MORE European Integration

Löfven EU

Despite the experiences of many European nations which are desperately trying to roll back certain parts of the European Union (EU) to combat the migrant crisis, Sweden’s prime minister has taken an opposite view.

Criticising suggestions from within Sweden that the nation might take steps to control immigration, prime minister Stephen Löfven said the solution was for states to put their faith in the EU and call for ever closer union.

Mr. Löfven is growing increasingly frustrated by the fact that other European nations are taking action to limit their exposure to the migrant crisis, while Sweden keeps itself open and easy — regardless of the cost to his own people. Ahead of today’s European Union migrant crisis summit in Malta, in which he will try to put pressure on other EU nations to be more like Sweden, Mr. Löfven said:

“The important thing now in such a difficult situation is that we do things together in the EU. If all’ll keep on with their own unplanned solutions we get it even worse”.

Criticising northern European countries for not taking more migrants and for not taking part in the Union’s migrant redistribution programme, Mr. Löfven called them “beneath contempt”, reports Afton Bladet.

Sweden and Mr. Löfven’s government is coming under increasing pressure at home, as each passing day provides a bumper crop of new Swedes at the border. As Breitbart London reported, last week was a record breaker for Sweden, with more than 10,000 asylum applications, more than any other week in recorded history.

This week is looking set to break even that record, disproving past experience that migratory flows to Europe tend to slow in the Autumn. On just Monday this week, 2,160 migrants applied for asylum in Sweden, the highest one-day figure ever.

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