Security Sources: Scores Of Terrorists Hiding Among Migrants Streaming Into Europe

migrant boat terrorists
Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images

“Dozens, if not hundreds” of terrorists have arrived in Europe posing as refugees, sources close to a Belgian investigation have revealed.

Among them are at least four senior Islamic State operatives, who have used Europe’s ongoing migrant crisis to infiltrate the continent and then travel unhindered thanks to the Schengen open-borders zones.

The Sunday Times says that among the four senior Islamic State members is Palestinian bomber Ahmad Mouhamad El Amin, who is believed to have arrived in Belgium this summer using a “Syrian network” to infiltrate a Libya refugee boat.

He is a close aide of Bilal Badr, another Palestinian ISIS member. Investigators say both men have previously “prepared a number of terrorist attacks together”.

Also named are Mohammed Mezher, who investigators say recently lived in a migrant camp in southeast Belgium, and Talal and Anwar Ammar, two brothers thought to be senior Islamic State members.

The Ammar brothers are believed to be currently on their way to Belgium as part of the “wave of refugees” that is passing up through Europe from Turkey.

There is increasing evidence that at least three of the men who committed last Friday’s terrorist atrocity in Paris entered Europe by posing as refugees. However, the boss of the United Nations (UN) refugee agency has claimed that a terrorist’s passport was planted at the Paris attack scene to shift blame on to migrants.

UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) head Antonio Guterres said that fake Syrian passports had been carried into the attack by jihadists as they wanted to “set Europeans against refugees”.

“The passport was left to be seen, which means that the Daesh also has, as a strategy, to put the refugees in the spotlight … this is also designed to try to force Europe to close its borders.”

His theory is not shared by other European leaders, however. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said last week that terrorists have “exploited mass migration” and that any European Union (EU) plan to force compulsory quotas on migrants will “spread terrorism around Europe”.

Mr Orban called on the EU to “forget political correctness … and return to common sense” by tightening border controls.

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