Company Selling ‘Fake Hymens’ Sees Business Boom Among Muslim Women In Germany

fake hymens

The massive migrant influx into Germany from mainly-Muslim countries has reportedly boosted business for a local company selling ‘fake hymens’ to women eager to prove their virginity to partners.

According to its website, VirginiaCare produces the “self-dissolving artificial hymen with real imitation blood” as a “simple and pain-free way to simulate virginity without the need for medical intervention”. As the marketing blurb explains:

The goal is to have bloodstains on your bedsheets on your wedding night. This is exactly why we at VirginiaCare have developed the artificial hymen. The advantage here is that you do not have to recreate your hymen surgically, since VirginiaCare achieves the same end result. “Bloodstains on the night of your wedding!”

The German-made fake hymens are made up of two ultra-thin cellulose skins holding sterile, freeze-dried blood powder. They dissolve in reaction to moisture and heat created during sexual intercourse, releasing “bovine blood” which comes out “just at the right time and in the right amount” to convince a sexual partner of the woman’s virginity.

The huge numbers of Muslim migrants entering Germany are said to be responsible for a surge in sales of the cheap alternative to the typical £1,750 cost of surgical hymen reconstruction, reports Metro. This is because the consequences for Muslim women from strict families who lose their virginity before they are married can be fatal.

A Pakistani couple living in Germany were recently jailed for life for the ‘honour killing’ of their 19-year-old daughter who they found out had been stealing condoms for sex with her boyfriend. As a result of bringing ‘shame’ on the family, her father strangled her while her mother watched.

In a review for VirginiaCare, one customer wrote: “If your product did not exist, I would not now exist either.”