Britain’s Socialist Leader Invites Donald Trump To Terror-Linked UK Mosque to Boast About Multiculturalism

Finsbury Park Mosque
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Jeremy Corbyn, the veteran radical Socialist and leader of Britain’s Labour party has called for US Republican race frontrunner Donald Trump to join him at his favourite mosque to learn about multiculturalism.


Abu Hamza, former Imam of Finsbury Park mosque who was given life imprisonment this year for calling Muslims to Jihad / Reuters,/i>

Speaking in a sympathetic interview with the Huffington Post to mark 100 days of his leadership of the Labour party, Mr. Corbyn touched on a number of points, including the importance of political correctness, his desire to end the ‘special relationship’ with America, and Donald Trump. Inviting him to Finsbury Park, Mr. Corbyn selected one of the most controversial mosques in Britain, yet holding it up as a beacon of functional multiculturalism.

Mr. Corbyn, along with other hard left figures in Britain including George Galloway and Ken Livingstone is a vocal supporter of Islam, and this subject was broached when HP asked about Mr. Trump’s recent call for a hiatus on Muslim migration to the United States.

Responding to the unintentionally ironic petition that called for Britain to respond to Mr. Trump’s desire to ban individuals entering the United States by banning him from entering the United Kingdom, Mr. Corbyn struck a somewhat concilliatory note. He said: “I wouldn’t ban him from coming to the UK”.

Rather, he would invite him to Islington to see multiculturalism in action: “If Donald Trump wants to come to Britain, absolutely fine, he can come and join me in Finsbury Park mosque.

“And then he can come to the synagogue afterwards. We can have a chat there. We’d go around. We manage to have a coherent, multifaith, multicultural society in London, in Birmingham, in Leicester, all parts of this country. He’s welcome to come and see. He might learn something”.


Jeremy Corbyn speaks at a rally outside Finsbury Park Mosque this month / rachel Megawhat – Breitbart London

The spiritual home of Britain’s Guardian-reading Twitterarti, Mr. Corbyn’s North Islington parliamentary constituency is one of the richest places in Britain. It also stands home to Finsbury Park mosque, an organisation that despite shedding their former questionable management has been unable to shake association with radical Islam in London.

Finsbury park itself has long been tainted by association with some of Britain’s most notorious radical Islamists. The former Imam of the mosque, hook-handed hate preacher and Taliban fighter Abu Hamza was sentenced to life imprisonment in the United States earlier this year for calling on fellow Muslims to take up arms and engage in acts of violence.

Unfortunately Abu Hamza’s radical calls from the mosque were heeded. Two terrorist brothers, Cherif and Said Kouachi, the killers who attacked the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris in January are thought to have been radicalised and mentored by Al-Qaeda terror mastermind Djamel Beghal, who was based out of the Finsbury Park mosque at the same time as Hamza.

Finsbury Park mosque has also hosted Al Qaeda operatives Richard “shoe bomber” Reidand and Zacharias Moussaoui, a French citizen who pleaded guilty to conspiring to kill Americans as part of the September 11th attacks.

As recently as November a Muslim-convert and known radical from the mosque was arrested in Europe while on his way to join the Islamic State.

Despite having changed their leadership and reopened in 2005 the Finsbury Park mosque remains on a global terror watch list maintained by Thomson Reuters. Regardless, Mr. Corbyn has called the mosque in his constituency a “wonderful community asset” and even spoke at a rally there against-Islamophobia in the wake of the San Bernardino attacks.

Still, should Mr. Trump win the Republican nomination and take the United States presidency he may not have to worry unduly about working to please his counterpart in London by slipping his shoes off in Finsbury Park. In the HP interview, Mr Corbyn also said were he to beat the odds and become the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, he would seek to end the special relationship anyway.

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