TERRORISM IN UK PRISONS: Gang Led By Muslim Convert Assaulted Ex-Soldier


A former paratrooper on remand in prison was beaten by a gang led by a Muslim convert in what is now being described as a “terrorist attack” in Britain

Eight men attacked Craig Jones in his cell at Hewell Prison on Saturday. The gang was allegedly led by a Muslim serving ten years for causing the death of a solider by dangerous driving in 2014.

Mr Jones had only recently arrived in the prison, with a source saying he was targeted due to his military background. “I was told he had a fractured eye socket, they sliced up his face and beat him to within an inch of his life. It was a major incident,” the source told The Times.

He was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, which treats soldiers injured in Iraq and Afghanistan, and is expected to return to prison soon.

The Muslim inmate was jailed in October after he sped through a red light at almost 70 miles per hour and ploughed into the back of a car driven by a soldier, killing him instantly. He tried to run away from the scene, but four witnesses wrestled him to the ground.

The victim received full military honours at his funeral.

A prison service spokesman confirmed Saturday’s incident, saying: “A prisoner at HMP Hewell was taken to hospital following an incident on Saturday, January 9. The circumstances are being investigated by both the police and the prison, and we will take action against anyone found to have been involved.”

The attack comes just a month after Nick Hardwick, the outgoing chief inspector of prisons, warned about radicalised Muslim gangs in British jails.

Mr Hardwick said prison officers should not be afraid to tackle gang-related activity if members of the gangs were Muslims, adding that some vulnerable inmates may be especially susceptible to radicalisation.

A 2014 inspection report found Hewell Prison had a significant level of violence, sometimes with serious attacks. In 2013 there was even an attempted murder.

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