Tory High Command in New Pro-EU ‘Stitch-Up’ Claims – Propaganda Churned Out by Party’s Favourite Print Company

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

From the Daily Mail:

Tory high command was accused of presiding over a fresh stitch-up last night after it emerged pro-EU propaganda is being churned out by the party’s own favourite print company.

The supposedly independent Britain Stronger in Europe campaign is bombarding householders with leaflets claiming it would be a disaster if Britain quit the Brussels club.

But it emerged that BSE had opted to use the same print company – St Ives Plc – that produced David Cameron’s election literature.

The Tories have spent £3.9million with the London-based company, which also produced Tory campaign material for the Scottish referendum.

Insiders say the relationship between St Ives and the Tories is so close that they have a member of staff based inside Central Office.

Eurosceptics said the revelation suggested the Tory Pary could be working in tandem with BSE, which is headed by Will Straw and backed by big business.

This is despite a key promise that the Tory party machine will remain neutral during the EU referendum campaign…

…Tory MP Steve Baker, of Conservatives for Britain, said: ‘It is beginning to look like someone is cheating rules which the PM wisely established to avoid rancour in our party.’

A source in the Vote Leave camp said: ‘The use of this printers looks particularly dodgy given the PM’s insistence the party machinery should remain neutral.’

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