WATCH: Breitbart Editor Raheem Kassam Debates ‘Racist Wristbands’ On Sky News

Breitbart London’s Editor in Chief Raheem Kassam debated feminist activist Caroline Criado Perez on the story of “racist wristbands” handed out to asylum seekers in the United Kingdom, so authorities could more easily identify them to give them free food and accommodation.

Mr. Kassam appeared on the #SkyDebate this afternoon, making the points that British people will be angered to hear migrants complaining about the quality of their meals when some of them themselves cannot put “three square meals” on their dining tables.

Ms. Criado Perez alluding to the Holocaust – claiming “you don’t need to be a history buff” to make parallels in history about labelling foreign people.

Mr. Kassam also highlighted how the groups involved in what he called this “PR stunt” were in fact funded by the same people – the British government, the United Nations, the European Commission included. He wrote about the matter earlier today for Breitbart London, which you can read in full here.

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