Government Refuses to Plan for Brexit Despite Poll Lead

Stefan Rousseau/WPA Pool/Getty Images

The UK government is stubbornly refusing to make any contingency plans in case the British people vote for Brexit, despite the campaign to leave the European Union (EU) having a four-point poll lead.

Prime Minister David Cameron has been branded “totally irresponsible” by members of his own Cabinet for the lack of planning, especially as he has just published a document claiming Britain faces ten years of chaos if it votes to leave the EU.

Eurosceptics have already branded it a “dodgy dossier” after it claimed British expatriates living EU countries could stop getting access to pensions and healthcare, and even face being stranded abroad.

The Prime Minister rejected the idea he was engaging in “project fear”, saying “the only project I’m interested in is Project Fact”. London Mayor Boris Johnson called those comments “baloney”.

Critics are also asking how the Prime Minister can make such dire warnings about Brexit, and yet not even instruct civil servants to make contingency plans in case of a “leave” vote.

The Telegraph reports that one Cabinet member called it “totally irresponsible”, with another adding: “This document is an apocalyptic vision for Britain in the aftermath of a British exit. And yet the Prime Minister has banned civil servants from planning for an exit. It is total hypocrisy.”

Chris Grayling, a member of the Cameron government who is supporting withdrawal from the EU, also rubbished the claim it would take 10 years to negotiate a British exit.

“People will not be impressed with this relentless campaign of fear,” he said. “Claims that it will take twice as long to sort out a free trade deal with the EU as it did to win World War Two are clearly ludicrous.

“There’s a free trade zone from Iceland to the Russian border and Britain will still be part of it after we Vote Leave.”

A poll this weekend gave the Brexit campaign a four-point lead over the Remain campaign.

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