WATCH: Pakistani Muslim Girl ‘Comes Out’ As Transgender To Obama Live During Q&A In London

U.S. President Barack Obama’s visit to Great Britain took a surreal turn at a “town hall” meeting on Saturday when a Muslim girl of Pakistani heritage came out as “non-binary”.

The girl told President Obama how “overwhelmed” she was to speak to him before saying: “I’m about to do something terrifying and I’m going to do something terrifying and I’m going to come out to you as a non-binary person.”

She then went on to comment on North Carolina’s bathroom bill:

“I come from a Pakistani Muslim background which inevitably has cultural implications, and I know that in North Carolina recently with the bathroom bill people are being forced to obviously produce birth certificates to prove their gender in order to get the toilet.”

She added that she had been working with the Civil Service to get them to “respect pronouns” and “commit to gender neutral toilets”.

She then asked President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron to “take us [‘non-binary’ people] seriously”.

The U.S. President responded that she was “on the right track” and praised Britain’s Conservative Prime Minister as “ahead of the curve on LGBT issues”.

He added, however, that he cannot overturn North Carolina’s state law as Congress would likely reject any federal law overruling it.