WATCH: Terrorist From London Says ‘I Miss Greggs Pasties After Fleeing To Syria’

Greggs bakery pastry

A hapless terrorist, claiming to be from London, has said he misses the Greggs chain of bakeries after travelling to Syria to wage Jihad.

Speaking to journalist Bilal Abdul Kareem, the masked Jihadi, introduced as Abu Abdullah Britani, explained how he had left the UK to avenge dead children, and had been injured by President Assad’s government forces.

The terrorist revealed that he has a wife and two children, but not with which Jihadi group he was fighting, likely to be either Islamic State or al-Nusra Front (the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda).

He said he did not wish to return “home” to the UK, but conceded longing for some cut-price English cuisine in footage posted to citizen journalism platform On The Ground News Reports (OGNR).

“I miss home. I miss some of my friends, some of my family, some of my family I really miss. I Miss Greggs,” he said.

Adding: “I miss some foods. But for me you know, these are material. I wouldn’t want to make decisions based upon my stomach.”

Greggs is a popular high street chain of bakeries in the UK, know for selling discount Cornish pasties, steak pastry slices and sausages rolls – which, being pork, are certainly “haram” (forbidden in Islam).

“I’m just going to be honest with you okay? I’d like to see the sisters who have been raped and the children who have been killed avenged. I know that seems bloodthirsty but I would really like to see this,” he said.

Mr. Britani told of how he had been wounded in battle, but often found that the Syrian army fled the battlefield before the jihadists had reached their positions.

“I’m afraid…yes I have been hit before….. it hurts. But the big worry for myself is the brothers….this doesn’t stop us because it makes us remember Allah more and give us strength. If I didn’t feel that fear I would be worried.”

The pasty-loving Jihadi also explained how, before a battle is about to start, he manages to find time to sleep: “Sometimes you feel at rest and able to snooze. Because of (the long) wait for an order I have fallen asleep even with the [sound of] bombs and the tanks.”