WATCH: Remain Campaigner Blasts ‘Dodgy Dave’: ‘You F**ked Every F**king Thing Up In This Country!’

An avowed Remain campaigner has blasted the Prime Minister during a live Facebook/Buzzfeed UK town hall discussion this afternoon.

The young lady, who introduced herself as being in favour of the Prime Minister’s campaign to Remain in the European Union had some choice words, leaving the Prime Minister visibly shocked as he discussed the issue of the European Union with a Buzzfeed audience.

Claiming she would rather power was with the EU than the British Parliament because she didn’t trust the Conservative Party, she said:

“So I’m voting Remain, but, nothing to do with you guys. I hate the Tories. I’m just gonna say it. You’ve fucked every fucking thing up in this country. You’ve screwed students. You’ve screwed the disabled, the vulnerable. I mean, seriously, like, I hear that you want to take back the Human Rights Act and everything as well. And I can totally believe that. I wouldn’t put that past you at all. Dodgy Dave.”

Mr. Cameron look, perhaps rightly, taken aback by the rude comments.

He replied: “That’s the great thing about this debate you can have a ferocious argument with someone about health policy or education policy or human rights policy. But this issue of whether we stay in or get out of the European Union actually transcends those things.”

Mr. Cameron followed UKIP leader Nigel Farage during the live town hall.

Mr. Farage attracted over 10,000 live viewers, while the Prime Minister got just 8,400 at his peak.

The PM was also less popular than Mr. Farage with the online audience. Facebook users had a 25 per cent angry response and a 75 per cent happy rating. Mr. Cameron however elicited a 58 per cent angry and 42 per cent happy response.

During the discussions, Mr. Farage told the audience how he would be the most ardent pro-European if we had a Europe of sovereign nations trading and co-operating with each other.

Mr. Cameron told the audience how he rejects an Australian-style points system for immigration, even though his own manifesto from 2005 supported the policy.

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