AUDIO: Kassam Slams Establishment Media For Anti-Brexit Spin Over MP Murder


Breitbart London Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam has slammed anti-Brexit media, politicians and campaigners for “politicising” the tragic murder of Jo Cox MP, and trying to “spin this as somehow [as] linked to the Leave campaign”.

In an interview with the Breitbart News Daily radio show he explained how his team in London had picked the coverage apart, and scolded those who had, “seized on the murder of a mother by a mental patient to further their political goals”.

“I think, actually, somebody needs to take real stock of how the establishment have behaved in this country,” he said.

“What we’re seeing now from the ‘Remain’ campaign – and not just the campaigners themselves – but even European Commissioners, other members of Parliament, and actually even the… widower of the deceased, is the making of political statements of this incident”, explains Mr. Kassam.

Continuing: “Of course, it’s a massive tragedy, you know, this woman was a mother of two. She was a very young, up-and-coming Labour Member of Parliament, and the outpouring of support for her and her family and all the people affected by this has been massive.

“It has been a disgrace from the mainstream media, however, which is trying it’s utmost to spin this as somehow linked to the Leave campaign”, he said.

Reasserting: “The left wing media and a lot of the ‘Remain’ campaigns… have tried to portray this as a ‘Brexit gunman’ – that is actually the front page of the Daily Star Newspaper”.

He then explained how the mainstream media had spun a particular fact to that effect.

“About 20 minutes after the incident was reported to have happened the Trinity/Daily Mirror… a far-left tabloid… reported that the man had shouted ‘Britain First’… a nationalist political party known for wearing military attire and picketing outside mosques…

“We, actually, here in the Breitbart London office tried to substantiate this claim.

“There were four people that the media were quoting… we have now spoke to two of them, who have both said that they did not hear such a thing and that they had been misquoted.

“One of them actually, a Muslim dry cleaner owner in the town… even put a sign up in his window this morning saying ‘I did not hear that, nobody said that”.

“I have to say”, Mr. Kassam added, “that the media is still reporting this as a fact… regrettably”. He said he had been “mock by left-wing journalists” for “casting doubt on the claim”.

“Let me put it this way: if Breitbart London were to report something as serious as that, with such great ramification and implications, based on one witness testimony – who has now said he isn’t quite sure of what he heard – we would be roundly mocked and discredited – and rightly so”, he said.

“Meanwhile, you have the BBC, the Daily Mail, the Times – all of the establishment news outlets in the country – still standing by that one very, very flaky claim”.

Mr. Kassam also explained the assailant’s history of mental health problems that the Breitbart London team has been reporting, adding:

“It’s important to note, that while there is no evidence to suggest he had any affiliations with ‘Leave’ or with Brexit, that it is now being reported that he had certainly some extreme right tendencies.

“There are some reports coming out online about him ordering material online from a group called National Alliance in the United States – a neo-Nazi group.

“Also, he was a subscriber, ten years ago, to a magazine called the Springbok Cyber Newsletter, which is a white, Afrikaaner… magazine

“So that’s what we know at the moment – again, there is nothing to suggest Brexit have anything to do with this. It does look to be a mentally unstable person who took some interest… in extreme and fringe things”.