‘What The F-uk’: Europe’s Press Reacts To Brexit


European news outlets have reacted with shock and disbelief that the United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union.

Newspaper front pages carried images of stereotypically British people or objects, or of jubilant Brexit supporters waving union flags.

Many German and French papers came out before the final result was known, and so contain very little reaction to the vote, but some other papers have made their feelings known:

The Spanish version of the Huffington Post splashed with a very simple message: “What that f-uk”

Austria’s Kurier features a massive picture of John Cleese in Monty Python’s “Meaning of Life” looking shocked. The headline reads, in English, “What Now?”


Kleine Zeitung is more philosophical, saying Europe needs a “new start” after the Brexit vote.

kleine-zeitungIn the Netherlands, Het Parool features a cabbie waving a union flag as a drives past a building with an EU flag hanging out of the window. The headline says “Britain out, Cameron Gone”.


Sweden’s Dagens Nyheter says “Morning Has Broken” in English. Underneath a photo of a mug of tea and slices of toast with what looks like marmite, the paper says: “Britain wakes up to a new day.


Other than newspapers, major news websites across Europe have been almost universally lamenting the decision of British voters to leave the EU.

France24, the main French broadcaster, says that Europe is “disorientated” after the Brexit victory.


Meanwhile, Spain’s TVE obsesses over the Gibraltar question. After the British territory heavily backed ‘Remain” there was some hope in Spain that the rock’s residents would suddenly want to become Spanish. However, TVE reports that Gibraltarian First Minister Fabian Picardo has said the territory “will never be Spanish”.


Germany’s DW says the European Union is in “crisis mode” after the vote.