Belgian Prime Minister Returns From Holiday, Says Machete Attack ‘May Be Terrorism’

Machete Attack

Two police women were injured outside a police station during an “Allahu Akhbar” attack in Charleroi, Belgium yesterday, prompting the nation’s Prime Minister to cut short his holiday and return to leading the nation.

The Associated Press states in their report this morning: 

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel says “preliminary indications” suggest the attack against two female officers in the city Charleroi was an act of terrorism, but that authorities are still collecting information.

The prime minister has cut short his vacation in the south of France and will return to Belgium for a meeting Sunday of the National Security Council.

The machete attack Saturday took place at a wooden hut that had been erected outside the Charleroi police station to provide an additional layer of security.

Paul Magnette, mayor of the city in southern Belgium, says the checkpoint succeeded in preventing the attacker from reaching the building and causing more havoc. The mayor said that in the wake of the attack, Belgian authorities are discussing whether security for police facilities and officers should be beefed up further.

Belgium has been on a high state of alert since the attacks in Paris on Nov. 13 that killed 130 victims. Many of the attackers, who pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group, lived in Belgium.

Last weekend, a 33-year-old man identified only as Nourredine H. was arrested on charges of participating in a terrorist group and planning “terrorist murders” following searches in the city of Liege and the Mons region.

The wires service states in a separate report this morning: 

Belgium’s prime minister is meeting with the country’s security services following an attack by a machete-wielding man on two policewomen that left one officer with deep facial wounds.

As of Sunday morning, Belgian authorities had released no information on the assailant, who shouted “Allahu akbar!” during the attack Saturday outside the main police station in Charleroi. The man was shot and killed by police.

Following the attack, Prime Minister Charles Michel broke off his vacation in southern France and returned to Belgium. He is talking Sunday morning with the chiefs of the federal police and other security agencies.

Michel’s spokesman, Barend Leyts, says the independent OCAM agency that assesses risks to Belgium’s internal security was consulted and decided to keep the current threat level unchanged.

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