Two Large Explosions Heard In French City of Marseille


Two large explosions rattled windows and set off alarms in Marseilles, France at around 1300 Western Europe Time, but the cause is unknown.

Local daily Marseilles newspaper La Provence reports the comments of a member of the city fire brigade who said: “We heard the explosion too, but its origin is mysterious”. An official spokesman for the brigade told the paper that they had not been called out to respond to the explosions.

The two bangs have caused a flurry of speculation on social media, with suggestions of terrorism and passing supersonic aircraft. La Provence reports no French Naval aircraft were in the area and enquiries are being made with the air-force. BFMTV reporter Cécile Danré reports “official sources” who state the explosions heard were caused by an aircraft breaking the sound barrier.

Agenge France Presse reporters have quoted police sources who remark that there have been no emergency calls and requests for help.

This story is developing