‘Three Explosions’ Near Borussia Dortmund Team Bus One Injured

MUNICH, GERMANY - APRIL 08: Marc Aregall Bartra of Dortmund arrives next to the team bus prior to the Bundesliga match between Bayern Muenchen and Borussia Dortmund at Allianz Arena on April 8, 2017 in Munich, Germany. (Photo by Alexander Scheuber/Getty Images Fuer MAN)
Alexander Scheuber/Getty Images Fuer MAN

A series of three explosions have occurred in the vicinity of the hotel near the touring bus of German football team Borussia Dortmund ahead of their match with Monaco injuring one.

UPDATE 18:53 EST: Police say that the explosives found were pipe bombs and were detonated using a mobile phone. Authorities have also said that they found a letter at the scene which may have taken responsibility for the attack. So far they have not given any details about the letter, its contents or any possible motive for the bombing.

UPDATE 16:11 EST: Police have released a statement saying the incident was an “attack” with what they are referring to as “serious explosives.” They say the explosives were planted in a hedge near the bus.

UPDATE 14:55 EST: A picture has emerged of the bus showing clear damage to one of the windows.

UPDATE 14:48 EST: Borussia Dortmund confirms through Twitter that defender Marc Bartra was injured due to the explosions and is in a nearby hospital.

UPDATE 14:40 EST: Local police have released a statement on the explosions.

“In the run-up to the Champions League match of BVB against AS Monaco, there was an explosion near the BVB team bus shortly after 7 pm. The location of the event is Wittbräuckerstraße/Schirrmannweg in Dortmund-Höchsten.

“According to current knowledge the windows of the bus (whole or partial) were shattered and one person was injured. It is not yet possible to say exactly what the explosion was or exactly where something exploded.”

The explosion, which occurred near the team tour bus close to the hotel where several players were staying ahead of their Champions League quarter-final match with AS Monaco this evening, is said to have injured player Marc Bartra who has been taken to a hospital the BBC reports.

Police have not commented on the explosion so far though France24 journalist Yannis Koutsomitis has claimed that police have said that there were three explosive devices detonated on the bus.

Borussia Dortmund has released a statement on their Twitter account informing fans that the match against Monaco has been cancelled. The match will be rescheduled for Wednesday at 6:45 pm.